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"Discover How to 'Trick' your
Subconscious Mind into Getting you
Everything you Want in Life --

By Using your God-Given
Power of Visualization!"

Re-program Your Mind to Eliminate Fear, Doubts
and Negative Thinking From Your Consciousness
and Welcome Love, Joy and Well-being!


Dear Friend,

You may not want to hear what I'm going to say next, but it's a fact -- not only a fact, but a LAW -- a law of mind science!

Everything negative in your life -- every money problem, every failed relationship -- every worry and anxiety you are dealing with -- is created in one place only -- and that place is... your own Mind!

Beware of Negative Visualization

You see, probably without even being aware if it, you are
already visualizing every single minute of the day.

In Mind Science, visualization is defined as seeing and feeling yourself IN YOUR OWN MIND, in your imagination, already being a certain way...

...It is your mental reality -- it is your self image, self-esteem and beliefs about yourself and others.

And when you worry about money shortage, when you worry about sickness or disease, or about a bad relationship or lack of love in your life, you are visualizing -- you are "seeing yourself" having these problems.

So you see, you are already an expert at visualizing the things you DON'T want.

Now you need to learn how to visualize what you DO WANT and begin to create the life of your dreams.

Positive Visualization
Works Like Magic!

I'm always very careful about how I use the the term 'magic', but I've been teaching visualization workshops for years and I confess I have seen some astonishing results that can only be described as miraculous!

No doubt about it. Positive visualization always works - if YOU work it. Sometimes it takes awhile -- but often, results happen so fast, it can make your head swim.

When you practice visualization CORRECTLY, amazing things begin to happen spontaneously -- AS IF BY MAGIC -- in your life!

Now - a 'Mind Conditioning Treatment'
That Comes to YOU!

Thousands of people have stood in line to attend my workshops -- many have travelled from distant cities -- for the privilege of learning Rev. Ike's (I like to refer to myself in the third person) techniques and 'treatments' for creating the life you want...

But you don't even have to get up out of your chair, because now my visualization workshops can come to you --- to listen to as often as you wish, in the comfort and convenience of your own home or car or wherever!.

Because, I've recorded all of my live Visualization workshops and you can now get the complete, unedited series of sessions on five MP3 files available for download immediately!

Power of Visualization CD cover

Your Power of Visualization!

Four and a half hours of powerful teaching,
coaching, encouragement, and
interaction on downloadable MP3s!

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I'm Right There With You!

As you listen to these audio sessions, you'll have me 'right there' with you revealing to you:

  • How and Why visualization always works (you may be shocked!)

  • The true definition of visualization

  • How to build the kind of world, the kind of experience that you want, first of all, in your mind -- in your imagination

  • How to create your ideal self-image - build it, choose it, nourish it and sustain it with your visualization

  • How your visualization becomes reality (What you see is what you get!)

  • How to become a "Magnet" for money and prosperity

  • How to find the right love relationship or mate

  • Why you need to use all five senses for effective visualization

  • How to use your 'minds eye' to get what you desire

  • How Jesus used visualization to heal sickness (and how you can too!)

  • How to visualize yourself out of sickness and into vibrant and lasting good health

  • and so much more...

Based on the Bible, but...What?...Gasp!!!

Now, some 'religious' people are going to be shocked by what I have to say next...

...Because, you see, my mind science teachings are based on the Bible, -- but NOT the literal translation of the fundamentalists...

... I interpret the Bible SYMBOLICALLY, not literally...

...I consider the Bible the greatest book of Mind Science...

...the greatest book of spiritual psychology -- ever written!

You're Going to Get Turned on to a
Whole New Way of Thinking

When I get through with you, the Bible will never be the same! You will understand it for the first time in your life... will discover a new, empowering interpretation of Jesus' words...

And you will love God more than ever, but it won't be the God you learned about in Sunday School.

It won't be that stingy, hard-hearted, hard-of-hearing God-in the-Sky you've been praying to...

...because, you'll learn to stop looking for help from a God outside of you. You will know the truth of yourself -- that you are a Child of God and God is WITHIN YOU!

And you will learn how to use visualization to tap this inner, creative God-Power, to create the life of your dreams!

You Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use!

Now, don't tell me this stuff doesn't work, and don't give me a hard luck story.

I can tell you what it's all about because I've been there. I was a poor boy growing up in South Carolina with no shoes and without 7 cents to buy my lunch.

Now I'm a multi-millionaire -- but I've been there and I'm glad I'm out!

And now I want to help YOU to get out so YOU can be where I am today!

I'm not teaching you something I just read in all those wonderful books about positive thinking. And I'm not telling you something that I simply heard somebody else say.

Everything I teach you and share with you is stuff that I am working -- and it is working!

It works for me, it has worked for millions of others, and it will work for YOU -- if you work it.

This is science. It's the Law. It's the Law of Mind!

You Get a 'Mind Conditioning' Treatment as
You Go Through These Audio Sessions with Me:

check markAs you listen, you immerse yourself in my teachings -- you feel as if I am right there -- talking to you personally.

check markI purposely use repetition and have you repeat after me with feeling and emotion. You FEEL IT. You are emotionally involved!

Check MarkTogether, we use techniques that actually trick your subconscious mind into paying attention -- and getting the message.

check markYou hear me with your inner ear, with your deepest being!

check markThese are not dry lectures. The emotion and energy of these sessions will touch your soul! (I even shout at you occasionally to get your subconscious mind to pay attention!)

check markYou take part in affirmation 'treatments' that reach down past your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind where they can do the most good!

check markAs I ask you searching questions and have you cross-examine yourself, you begin to realize new truths about who you 'really' are and your amazing potential!

check markYou gain increased self-awareness.

check markYou discover your God-given mind power! You understand it and believe it!

check markYou learn what will really make you happy!

check markYou will become definite about what you want out of life --- and YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO GET IT - by using your power of visualization!

check markYou re-program your mind to eliminate fear, doubts and negative thinking from your consciousness and welcome love, joy and well- being!

check markYou build new self-esteem with a self-image of health, love, strength, prosperity, and abundance!

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Mark Victor Hansen picture Mark Victor Hansen, Multi-Millionaire, and Co-
Author of the "Chicken Soup" books tells
EVERYBODY, "I learned this from REV. IKE!"

Mark is a long-time student of Rev. Ike and has credited Rev. Ike for teaching him the principles that he’s applied to his life in order to manifest his dreams.

"I went bankrupt and was WIPED OUT financially. I was sleeping in front of a door, when somebody said, ‘What you need to do is hear Rev. Ike."

"I went to hear him at his Church, and I was 'WOWED!' At that time I had NEVER heard anybody teach Positive Self-Image Psychology and Self-Motivation like Rev. Ike."

"I worked with his 'stuff' and now I am blessed to live in a fine house with my lovely wife and two daughters . We live in dignity and style and I am successful and prosperous beyond my wildest dreams."

A publishing and speaking expert, Mark Victor Hansen's bestselling books include Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Master Motivator, and Principles and Ideas for Self-Motivation.

You Learn How to Command the Infinite!

These audio sessions reveal to you the secrets and techniques of using your God-given power of visualization to be, to do, and to have what you want.

You'll learn exactly what to do and what NOT to do!

You'll discover:

  • Why you should never let yourself get hung up by facts or caught up in conditions (and how to avoid it)

  • The one question you should never ask when visualizing

  • Why you should not tell anyone else what you are visualizing (until after you get your results!)

  • why you must be DEFINITE with the infinite

  • How to take a trip in your mind

  • the two types of visualizing

  • Why you must take the future out of your visualization and always be in the 'nowness' of consciousness

  • How to use gratitude to get what you want

  • When is the best time of day to practice visualizing

  • How to overcome feelings of guilt and unworthiness

  • How to build your ideal self-image

  • How to counteract negative feelings

  • How to overcome fears and phobias

  • How to remain youthful

  • and so much more!

You are going to have a power over situations and circumstances in your life like you've never had before!

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The Subconscious Mind Does Not Know
the Difference Between a Mental Picture
and Material Reality.

This is an amazing truth about your subconscious mind. Whatever your subconscious mind believes to be true, it will manifest in material reality!

So make no mistake about it, your mind is going to be used.

The question you must ask yourself is: "WHO is going to use my mind?"

Ask yourself, "Am I using my mind in a positive or in a negative way?" "Is my imagination creating suffering or happiness for me?"

You must learn to control your
imagination. Never permit
your imagination to control you!

As you listen to these audio sessions, you will to learn how to control your mind, your self-image and your imagination to create only the good you desire!

You're going to be a different person when you go through this series and you learn how to work with this stuff!

Now -- it's time for you to decide you are ready to begin your new life.

It's time to make up your mind that you are ready to be, to do, and to have good health, happiness, love, prosperity and money!

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You will thank me in your prayers!

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Love, Peace & Prosperity,

Rev. Ike's signature

Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter,
better known as Rev. Ike
January 31, 2009


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I urge you to order NOW!

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