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"Is Your Life Controlled by
'Dumb Luck' or By Science?"

Have you ever wondered, "Why do some people seem to 'have all the luck'?" ...And "Why do I have nothing but problems?" ...And "Why are my prayers not being answered?"

In "The Secret of Good Luck," Rev. Ike's eye-opening, soul-stirring, consciousness-raising MP3 series, Rev. Ike reveals the secrets of having Good Luck...

...the secrets of having good health...

...and the secrets of having happiness, love, success, and money!

Life-changing Audio Series:
Learn How to Make Your Own Good Luck

In this dynamic audio session, now available on 4 MP3s, Rev. Ike wakes you up to the realization that "You make your own luck" -- whether it is good luck or bad luck!

And then he shows you step-by-step exactly how to create the GOOD LUCK that you deserve, by using his powerfully effective Mind Science techniques!

"YOU are the one who makes
what you don't like!"

As you listen, you discover how your thoughts and beliefs determine your luck -- good or bad -- and if you don't like your circumstances ...

... you learn how to use your God-given Mind Power to CHANGE your luck and your conditions!

Discover the Power of "I AM"

Listen, as Rev. Ike teaches that "I AM" is your self-awareness. And whatever you add to "I AM" -- in your thoughts and in your words -- you will become that.

I AM is the making power -- the way that you can become whatever you want to become by means of what you add to I AM.

In this interactive audio workshop Rev. Ike shows you how to use the power of the 'magical' words "I AM" to have, to do and be all the good that you desire!

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Learn the "Right Way" to Pray

As you listen to this powerful workshop, you learn the right way to PRAY and have your prayers ANSWERED...

... you're going to have a whole new experience in prayer!

You're going to have a new experience in answer to prayer!

Learn How to Control Your
Subconscious Mind

You'll discover the power and 'trickery' of your subconscious mind and how to condition your mind -- how to control it -- before it controls you!

You'll practice changing the way you think about yourself, as you repeat powerful, life affirming prayer treatments with Rev. Ike that will reach deep down into your subconscious and create a new self-confidence -- a new positive self-image of health, joy, prosperity!

You'll want to listen to these teachings again and again because each time you listen you'll get some new insight -- something you can apply right away to a particular circumstance in your life!

You'll hear Rev. Ike reveal the
'psychological' meaning of the Bible
as you've never heard it before!

You'll understand the parable of The Prodigal Son in a whole new light.

No longer just a Bible story -- this parable comes alive...

... it becomes real and personal -- it's all about YOU and about the power of YOUR MIND!

Why People Treat You Badly
And How You Can Change That!

Rev Ike reveals why other people often treat you badly (Hint: It has to do with your beliefs about yourself!) ...

... and the one thing you can do to change the way people treat you, and to attract love and friendship and all the right people in your life!

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Special Price: Only $19.95 with Discount Code: SGL4

Being Judgmental - The
Ultimate Sin Against Yourself!

In this audio workshop, you learn what Jesus truly meant when he said "Judge Not That You Be Not Judged."

And you'll discover the destructive, damaging effect of being judgmental, of judging others -- and judging yourself!

As you repeat affirmation and visualization treatments with Rev. Ike you will reprogram your subconscious mind to pass a new, loving judgment on yourself. You will replace your judgmental, critical attitude with one of love and acceptance...

...and you will begin to see everyone and everything honestly, lovingly and divinely.

Learn How To Forgive YOURSELF!

Above all, you learn HOW and WHY you must forgive -- forgive yourself and others.

Yes, you're going to have to look inward and question yourself, and be honest.

Yes, you're going to have to do some work on yourself -- some joyful work.

And Rev. Ike is right there with you on these audio lessons, every step of the way, guiding you, encouraging you and supporting you!

And oh my God, it is worth it!

Peace Of Mind, At Last

You'll find the peace of mind, at last, that you have been seeking!

"If you don’t learn to 'make' what you want,
you will get what you DON'T want."

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So order these MP3s now and discover the secrets of making your own Good Luck!

Click Here to Order ’Secret of Good Luck’ 4MP3s
Special Price: Only $19.95 with Discount Code: SGL4

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