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Here are Three of Rev. Ike's Most
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1. Your Power Of Visualization (5 MP3's $25.95)

Discover How to "Trick" your Subconscious Mind

Visualization is defined as seeing and feeling yourself IN YOUR OWN MIND, in your imagination, already being a certain way . It is your mental reality. When you visualize, what you 'see' in your mind is what you get! In these powerful lessons. Rev. Ike teaches you how to control "negative" visualization that draws negative experience. And you learn how to use his can't-fail visualization techniques to build the positive self-image, the good health, the kind of experience that you want, first of all in your mind -- in your imagination!
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2. Get your BUT Out of The Way! (1 MP3 $9.95)

Get over those "Buts" that are standing in your way!

What you say is what you get! In this eye-opening audio lesson, Rev. Ike leads you to the realization that YOUR word -- what you say and think about yourself -- determines your conditions and circumstances in life. As you repeat the powerful affirmations, Rev. Ike leads and guides you to increased self-awareness. You discover how to get what you want by correctly using the power of your own thoughts and beliefs. You will develop your own inner strength and self-confidence and stop being dragged down by other people's opinions.
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3. How to Stop Negative Things! (2 MP3 $14.95)

Everything Which You Do Not Forgive Yourself or Another For, Will be Repeated in Your Experience, Until You Do Forgive

These audio lessons should properly be called "Rev. Ike's "Forgiveness Series" -- they contain the most important lesson you may ever learn! Rev. Ike teaches that harboring feelings of hatred, and hurtred, actually draws MORE negative experiences to you. You will repeat with Rev. Ike, powerful affirmation treatments that will reach down deep into your subconscious mind and cleanse your soul of the anger and resentment that has been a festering sore for so long. You will finally be free of the hatred and "hurtred" that has kept you from peace of mind and from the blessings that you richly deserve.
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