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Your Power of Visualization (5 mp3s)..........................................................$25.95

Whatever you can SEE, you can BE!   Visualization is defined as seeing and feeling yourself, in your own mind, in your imagination, already being a certain way.  It is your mental reality.  When you visualize, what you 'see' in your mind is what you get!  In this powerful series on 5 mp3s, Rev. Ike explains how you can BE what you want to be, DO what you want to do, and HAVE what you want to have.  By using the technique of "visualization," and seeing with the inner eye of your imagination, you can direct the attention of your mind towards the good you desire.  You'll learn how to create your ideal self-image – how to become a "Magnet' for money – how to use all five senses when you visualize – how to visualize yourself into good health – how to use your 'mind’s eye' – how to avoid negative visualization – and so much more!  Using these powerful visualization techniques, you will gradually re-program your mind to eliminate fear, doubts and negative thinking from your Consciousness – and welcome love, joy and prosperity!  Learn from Rev. Ike as he teaches you, step-by-step, how you can manifest everything you want in your life, RIGHT NOW!      
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How to Stop Negative Things (2 mp3s)........................................................$14.95

Everything Which You Do Not Forgive Yourself or Another For, Will be Repeated in Your Experience, Until You Do Forgive.  These mp3s should properly be called Rev. Ike's "Forgiveness Series" – they contain the most important lessons you may ever learn!  Rev. Ike teaches that harboring feelings of hatred, and 'hurtred' against others, actually draws MORE negative experiences to you.  And failure to forgive yourself for something results in a guilt complex that draws punishment to you.  In these life-changing teachings you will learn how to forgive yourself and others – how to let go of negative experiences and move on – how to accept God's forgiveness – how to break the pattern of being hurt and offended by other people – the key to having lasting peace of mind – and so much more!  You will repeat with Rev. Ike, powerful affirmation treatments that will reach down deep into your subconscious mind and cleanse your soul of the anger and resentment that has been a festering sore for so long.   You will finally be free of resentments and hurts – and gain the peace of mind and happiness that God intends for you!   
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Get Your 'But' Out of the Way (1 mp3)..........................................................$9.95

Get over those ‘Buts' that are standing in your way!   What you say is what you get!   In this eye-opening mp3, Rev. Ike leads you to the realization that YOUR word – what you say and think about yourself – determines your conditions and circumstances in life.  As you repeat the powerful affirmations, Rev. Ike guides you to increased self-awareness.  You'll learn how to stop letting circumstances program your life – and learn how to program your own life!  You will stop making excuses and discover how to get what you want by correctly using the power of your own thoughts and beliefs.  You will develop your own inner strength and self-confidence and no longer be dragged down by other people's opinions.
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Your Power of Fascination (1 mp3)...............................................................$9.95

Whatever you are fascinated by you become!   There is incredible power in fascination, because whatever you are fascinated by – whatever you focus your thoughts on – be it good or evil – you will draw into your experience.  In this lesson you'll learn how to control and direct your thinking so that you STOP being fascinated by your problems and worries.  You'll learn to break the destructive habit of negative fascination.  And you'll learn to use your power of fascination in a healthy, positive way – to magnetize you for love and prosperity.  You'll repeat affirmations with Rev Ike that guide you into a new way of thinking -- a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you that will draw all the right people and right relationships into your life!  You'll become fascinated with the GOOD that you want – Love, Good Health, Success, Prosperity and Money.  Then watch this GOOD materialize into your life! 
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How to Make People Love to Do Exactly What You Want! (1 mp3)..................$10.95

"Give Men the Power, Give Women the Flower” ~ Rev. Ike.   In this very practical "How-To" lesson, Rev. Ike reveals the secrets of male and female psychology.  Using real-life examples, he teaches us how to apply these secrets to get people to do what we want them to do!   These teachings will revolutionize all of your relationships -- including your family, friends, boss, business relationships, and even strangers!  Women (and men) will learn how to deal with the men in your life in a highly effective way.   You'll learn to get what you want by 'building the man up' instead of criticizing.   Men will learn what women really want, and how to apply this knowledge to win their voluntary cooperation.  This is NOT a lesson in manipulation!    
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Control Your Life (3 mp3s)...........................................................................$21.95

"If you don't control your own life, life will control YOU!" ~ Rev. Ike.   You don't have to accept thoughts of worry, fear and sickness that rob you of the joy of living.  You don't have to be a slave to your emotions.   In this series Rev. Ike teaches you how to control your thoughts, your emotions and your body!  You'll learn how to talk to your mind and tell your mind what to think – how to turn the bad feelings OFF and the good feelings ON -- how to change OTHER PEOPLE (without nagging them!) – how to BLESS your own body, HEAL your own body – how to program yourself for MONEY, HEALTH and HAPPINESS – how to 'make love' to your subconscious mind – and more!  You'll discover the secret of getting your prayers answered.  You'll participate in guided affirmations and visualizations that reach deep into your subconscious mind and begin to change you right here and right now!  In these life-transforming lessons, you will learn how to tell your MIND what to think, tell your FEELINGS what to feel and tell your BODY how to react!      
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The Master of Money Audio Program (6 mp3s)............................................$32.95

Magnetize Your Mind for Money!   Discover how you can COMMAND MONEY into your life, business, affairs, investments, and your bank accounts for every good purpose!   Don't be a slave to Money, or to the lack of Money.  Instead, make Money your "loving, obedient servant." In "The Master of Money," Rev. Ike reveals the Universal Principles and teaches you effective techniques, which will make your mind an IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET to draw money to you.  As Rev. Ike reveals the "psychology" of Money, you'll discover how to create a state of mind that has the power to attract success, prosperity and money!  You'll learn how to eliminate your "money rejection complex."  You'll repeat powerful, emotional affirmations along with Rev. Ike – mind conditioning treatments that will reach down past your conscious mind, and condition your subconscious mind for the money you want and deserve!  And to make sure that you never again chase money away on the subconscious level, Rev. Ike teaches you the Ten Commandments of Money – proven principles that you can begin to apply right away, to transform your money situation and your life forever!   After listening to these teachings, you will have a new confident, wealthy self-image – a new You!         
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The Power of a Made-Up Mind (1 mp3).........................................................$6.95

Nothing Can Stop The Power Of Your Made-Up Mind!   EVERYTHING—health, wealth, family, career—begins in YOUR mind, and God-in-you creates for you according to what you have made up and settled in your mind.  During this 'interactive' workshop, you repeat out loud powerful affirmation treatments with Rev. Ike that fix your good desires firmly in your subconscious mind.   You'll 'make up' good health, happiness and prosperity and cast out negative ideas and beliefs.  Includes Rev. Ike's famous "Loose My Money” Prayer Treatment!  Rev. Ike ends this session with a final prayer of blessing to 'seal the deal' between you and God!  This is an eye-opening, consciousness-raising lesson you don't want to miss!    
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The Gift of Money Audio Seminar (4 mp3s)..................................................$25.95

Learn the Most Powerful Law of Mind Science: The Law of 'I AM.'  Rev. Ike has the Gift of Money and he passes on this gift directly to YOU, in this mind-blowing, spell-binding, nearly 4-hour workshop!   Here is Rev. Ike at his 'outrageous' best – revealing to you his secrets for creating health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and especially – Money!  This is much more than a seminar, it's a Money Workshop, because you join in and repeat with Rev. Ike powerful affirmations that reach deep into your subconscious and condition your mind for money and all good!  Rev. Ike teaches you that you must cleanse your 'heart', cleanse your subconscious of all negative ideas about money that are kicking money away from you – and he enables you to get rid of all those 'money hang-ups.’ As you interact with Rev. Ike, repeating affirmations, you will change your belief systems about money – discover and get rid of your self-conflicts and your subconscious feelings that you don't deserve money!   With one bombshell after another – Rev. Ike challenges the theologians with his interpretation of the Bible as a book of spiritual psychology – a book that is all about YOU and YOUR MIND!  You will come to understand and use the most powerful law of Mind Science – The Law of 'I AM'!  Your eyes will be opened to life-changing spiritual truths about yourself – as you hear Rev. Ike's explanations of God-in-you, Christ, the Devil, Sin and Hell that will knock your socks off – and awaken you to a whole new way of thinking!       
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The Secret of Good Luck (4 mp3s)..............................................................$23.95

You Make Your Own Luck' Whether it is Good Luck or Bad Luck!   In this interactive audio workshop, Rev. Ike wakes you up to the realization that – the way you feel about yourself creates your circumstances and your luck – and he shows you step-by-step exactly how to create the GOOD LUCK that you deserve.  As you listen, you discover how your thoughts and beliefs determine your luck – good or bad – and if you don't like your circumstances – you learn how to use your God-given Mind Power to CHANGE your luck and your conditions!  You'll discover the power and 'trickery' of your subconscious mind and how to condition your mind – how to control it – before it controls you!  Rev Ike reveals why other people often treat you badly – and the one thing you can do to change the way people treat you – and to attract love, friendship – and all the right people in your life!   You'll discover the destructive, damaging effect of being judgmental, of judging others – and judging yourself!  And you will reprogram your subconscious mind to pass a new, loving judgment on yourself!  As you listen to this powerful workshop, you learn the right way to PRAY and have your prayers ANSWERED!  Rev. Ike shows you how to use the power of the 'magical' words 'I AM' to have, to do and be all the good that you desire!  Above all, you learn HOW and WHY you must forgive – forgive yourself and others.  You'll practice changing the way you think about yourself, as you repeat powerful, life-affirming prayer treatments with Rev. Ike – that will reach deep down into your subconscious and create a new self-confidence – a new positive self-image of health, joy, and prosperity!        
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How to Prosper Regardless of World Conditions (2 mp3s).............................$14.95

Prosperity is an 'Inside Job.’ Your Behind Can't Get It Until Your Mind Gets It!   In this powerful workshop, Rev. Ike shows you that the way you think and feel about yourself determines the good you receive.  Rev. Ike leads you through a voyage of mental self-discovery.  You'll learn how to stop working on 'the outer' and work on your inner consciousness.  You'll repeat powerful mind-conditioning affirmation treatments with him that will create a confident new self-image – increased self-esteem – as you come to the realization and belief that you are God's beloved child and He wants you to prosper!  You will be cleansed of subconscious hang-ups and feelings of guilt and unworthiness that have been holding you back from your prosperity.  You will learn to forgive yourself, and get rid of your 'Prosperity Rejection Complex'!  These lessons are going to help you make some changes in yourself, by which you can become more successful and prosperous and healthy than ever before.   
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How to Get Out and Stay Out of the Hell of Poverty, Sickness, & Suffering
(2 mp3s).....................................................................................................$14.95

Health or sickness; wealth or poverty; success or failure — all of these things begin in the mind.   The person with a positive attitude and strong beliefs prevents the negative states from being a reality in their life.  Now, two of Rev. Ike's most profound, most powerful life-changing lessons are available together in a 2-mp3 set that teaches you that Heaven and Hell are places in your mind right here on earth!  In these dynamic audio lessons, Rev. Ike shows you that whatever you are – rich, poor or otherwise – you’re that because you have been mentally conditioned to be that!  During these interactive audio teachings, Rev. Ike first guides you through a self-interrogation to uncover and clear your subconscious mind of these negative beliefs and 'hang-ups' that may be kicking money and happiness away from you.  He then leads you through powerful mind-conditioning affirmation and visualization treatments -- that literally re-program your mind with powerful new beliefs about yourself and new realization of your own Mind Power!  You will come to know the truth of yourself – that you are a beloved child of a generous God – who wants what is the best for you now in this life.  And you will find the way out from those various 'hells' that you are going through right here on earth!    
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The Excitement of Money (2 mp3s)..............................................................$12.95

Whatever It is You Want, You Must Get Excited About It!   Rev. Ike's objective for this series is, to make each person spiritually, mentally and financially independent.  The first thing you learn is, get excited about whatever it is you want.  What happens when you get excited?  You begin to experience your overflowing abundance!  What's the next step?  Rev. Ike teaches the importance of setting goals for your lives — spiritual, career, financial, social.  You must be clear about what you want and you must write it down.  In these lessons, you're going to find out the underlying reasons that block you from actually realizing your dreams.  You'll learn how to get what you want – WHEN you want it!  What's more, you'll learn and practice Rev. Ike's 'identification' technique for attracting money to you.  You'll discover the power of your words and learn how to make your words work FOR you – instead of AGAINST YOU.  And you'll learn the amazing technique that 'seals the deal' between you and God and opens you up to receive your blessings!  This teaching will get you mentally ready to receive MONEY and all the good you desire!  
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Your Word Becomes Flesh (1 mp3).............................................................$8.95

"The Power of God is in Your Mouth!" – Rev. Ike. With wit and humor, Rev. Ike teaches you the TECHNIQUES for using the 'Power of Your Word' in this dynamic and entertaining 40-minute lesson! As you listen to this empowering teaching, you'll discover this life-changing truth — that your 'WORD is what you think, feel and SAY about yourself (often on the subconscious level) — and your WORD ALWAYS comes into manifestation as your EXPERIENCE! You'll learn why you must tell your feelings how to feel — and HOW to do it! You'll learn how to apply "The Law of I AM' to manifest GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS & PROSPERITY. Throughout, you'll participate in powerful affirmation treatments that will reprogram and condition your subconscious mind into a new, positive way of thinking! You're going to have a new handle on life!  
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How to Break Out (2 mp3s)........................................................................$11.95

Are you ready to break out into greater success & prosperity? Then you will love this entertaining, enlightening, participatory 2-MP3 workshop — as Rev. Ike reveals his simple yet profound secrets for manifesting the good that you desire! In his usual witty style, Rev. Ike makes this fun as he leads you through the four steps (techniques) for success in every area of your life! You'll learn: Your Power of DECIDING — how BELIEF makes you unstoppable — why you must SEE what you want (using your power of VISUALIZATION) — how to use FEELING to get your BLESSING! You'll interact with Rev. Ike throughout, repeating after him the ideas and affirmations that will sink deep into your subconscious mind and set you up to create the reality that you want! Normally, a 2-MP3 audio teaching is priced at $11.95, but because Rev. Ike throws in some 'commercials' for some of his other wonderful products, we're pricing this seminar at only $6.95. What a bargain! 
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I Meet No One But Me (1 mp3)....................................................................$9.95

"You are always getting what you are!" – Rev. Ike.  In this powerful, mystical, eye-opening 1-hour teaching, Rev. Ike explains that "the people and conditions in my life are such as they are – because I AM such as I am." As you listen to and interact with Rev. Ike, you will come to the realization that you cannot experience anyone or anything outside of yourself, except those which correspond to something within yourself! You'll understand this hard-to-swallow truth, that "Every time someone or something outside of you needs changing, you must go to yourself and make the change within yourself!" You will learn how to attract the right kind of people in your life, how to pray effectively (how to command God), how to use the Law of I AM to create the life that you want, and so much more! Deep, mystical, and rich with meaning, this lesson is best understood and appreciated by those who are already somewhat familiar with Rev. Ike's teachings! (Not for the beginner!) Order now for immediate download, and start turning your mind and your mouth around – and turn your life around! 
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Rev. Ike: Healing, Blessing & Teaching at Madison Square Garden (1 mp3).....$3.95

"You deserve the best!" – Rev. Ike.  If you (or a loved one) needs physical or emotional healing – if you want peace of mind and peace in your life – if you want to be blessed with success and prosperity and ALL the goodness of life – then get this powerful audio MP3 recording of Rev. Ike speaking to you from Madison Square Garden. You may have watched the four powerful videos of Rev. Ike at Madison Square Garden on YouTube – now we have combined these videos into one dynamic, emotion-filled, 20-minute audio MP3 that you can download to own, to listen to whenever you wish, and to share with a loved one who may need healing, uplifting and inspiration! Included is a powerful prayer treatment for healing, Rev. Ike's can't-fail Visualization technique, and lessons that will condition your consciousness to the realization that you deserve God's goodness! Because this audio is shorter (about 20 minutes in length) it is available at the special low price of only $3.95!
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You Can Have It! (1 mp3)...........................................................................$9.95

You Can Have What You Want — and Rev. Ike shows you How to Get It!  Rev. Ike's objective for this series is to make each person spiritually, mentally, and financially independent. You may be telling yourself what you CAN’T HAVE, what you CAN’T BE, and what you CAN’T DO — But once Rev. Ike gets through with you in this powerful hour-long lesson, you’re going to know — deep in your consciousness — that You Can Have What You Want! During this uplifting and motivating Participatory Workshop with Rev. Ike, you repeat empowering affirmations, you visualize yourself enjoying the good that you desire, and you impress upon your consciousness, good health, happiness, love prosperity and money! You will change your thoughts and change your circumstances…for the better! You will gain a new powerful belief in yourself that will make ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!
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How to Answer Your Own Prayers! (1 mp3)................................................$2.95

“Prayer is neither heard nor answered by a God in the sky” — Rev. Ike.   In this short (26-minutes in length) powerful audio lesson, Rev. Ike reveals to you a whole new definition of PRAYER — and teaches you his powerful techniques that you will use to GET YOUR PRAYERS ANSWERED! If you’ve been waiting for answers from a God-in-the-sky, this lesson is going to turn some of your ideas about prayer upside-down! In this participatory lesson, you have lots of opportunity to repeat powerful affirmations with Rev. Ike and to practice with him the correct manner for receiving the answer to your prayer! And finally, on this mp3 you learn how to ’Seal the Deal’ when you pray. Because of its somewhat shorter length, this mp3 is offered at a special low price of only $2.95.
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The Secret of Happiness (1 mp3)................................................................$2.95

In this short, power-packed audio lesson (26-minutes long) Rev. Ike teaches you how to CREATE happiness in your life and attract the right kind of people and relationships! As you listen, you will realize that you may have been looking for happiness in the WRONG PLACE! And you will discover the RIGHT PLACE to find Happiness. Your eyes will be opened as Rev. Ike explains why you should not give someone else the responsibility for your Happiness — and you should not blame anyone else for your misery. You’ll repeat a powerful Affirmation Treatment with Rev. Ike that will activate the power of Happiness within your own mind and draw happy people, loving people to you! Because of its somewhat shorter length, this mp3 is offered at a special low price of only $2.95.
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How to Beat Being Broke (2 mp3s)...........................................................$11.95

Have a Front Row seat at Rev. Ike’s famous ‘Money’ Seminar — In your own living room! If you want to have plenty of money and prosperity — then this dynamic and entertaining audio seminar is the place for you. As you listen and participate in this 2-hour workshop, Rev. Ike reveals his secrets and techniques for happiness, success and prosperity that will beat negative thinking right out of your consciousness! During this uplifting experience, you’ll uncover your "Financial Psychology," get rid of your "Money Rejection Complex," learn how to keep other people's opinions from holding you back, and so much more! You’ll feel like Rev. Ike is speaking directly to you, as you interact with him — repeating empowering affirmations that will embed positive attitudes deep in your subconscious mind — and get you excited about what you want! (Your FEELING will get you your blessing!) This is an eye-opening, motivating and FUN experience that you won’t want to miss!
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Your Power of Employment and Compensation (The Law of I AM) (1 mp3).....$9.95

Learn How to Get the Pay You Want from the “Universal Paymaster”! In this powerful hour-long audio lesson Rev. Ike lets you know the right one you should be working for, how to determine your pay, and how to get it. You learn who Jesus really is — NOT who the theologians say he is — and that your first job is the same as Jesus’ job: being about your Father’s business. By using real life examples of working with the Law Of I AM, Rev. Ike teaches you his unconventional method of praying (that works!) and you’ll learn why you must be ‘definite’ with the Infinite to get all that you desire. In this lesson, you’ll also participate in two wonderful visualization treatments with Rev. Ike! This lesson is going to raise your consciousness to set you up to receive the kind of job you want and to receive abundant compensation in terms of self-fulfillment, satisfaction, and the Money that you deserve!
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Enemy Fixer: How to Stop Enemies and Opposition (1 mp3)...........................$9.95

Rev. Ike reveals the secret of getting rid of your enemies once and for all! In this truly life-changing lesson, Rev. Ike teaches you that ‘Your enemies are in your OWN MIND, created by your own adversarial, oppositional thinking and feeling! You learn the techniques of Destroying your Enemies by becoming aware of those thoughts and feelings, getting rid of your adversarial mental position, and changing your thinking to Divine love, harmony and sympathy for yourself and everyone! You will discover that “No one can be your enemy or your friend without your permission” — and you will learn how to withdraw permission from your enemy — and issue them new permission to be your friend. As you repeat powerful affirmations with Rev. Ike you will drive these concepts deep into your subconscious mind to change your thinking and feeling. You’ll even learn how to stop people from upsetting you or getting on your nerves! After you accept and practice this teaching your life will never be the same! This lesson will be best appreciated if you have already listened to some of Rev. Ike’s other teachings and understand his basic mind science concepts.
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Feeling Gets the Blessing (6 mp3s).............................................................$32.95

In this powerful, mystical series of lessons on 6 MP3s, Rev. Ike interprets the Bible story of Esau and Jacob – not as a story of a 'dirty trick' that one brother played on the other – but as a lesson in the psychology of YOUR MIND – and as a guide to getting all the blessings you desire in life! As you go through these 6 dynamic teachings, you'll come to realize that if you wish to have the good that you desire – to get what you want – you must make yourself FEEL that you are the one who deserves the good that you desire to be, to do and to have. Rev. Ike gives you practical techniques and mind-conditioning treatments that will reach deep into your subconscious and create a new self image – a powerful new 'Emotional Self-Definition'. Rev. Ike interprets the Bible (and the story of Esau and Jacob in particular) as a book about YOU – a book in which every character represents some facet of you! Because the esoteric meaning – the hidden 'inner' meaning – of this Bible story is so deep, and filled with symbolism pertaining to your life, we recommend this course for those who already have some experience with Rev. Ike's teachings (not for the beginner!). You may need to listen to these lessons more than once to 'get' this lesson, but when you do 'get' it – WOW! 
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Rev. Ike’s Secrets for Health, Joy, and Prosperity For You: A Science Of Living
Study Guide (274 pages).........................Paperback $14.95...............e-Book $8.95

The book that changes lives!   Sickness, Fear, Worry, Tension, Every Human Torment Drops Away – and you begin to live More Joyfully and Abundantly – when you read this Study Guide and discover how to harness the power of YOUR OWN MIND for good health, happiness, and prosperity!   In 52 easy-to-read life-changing chapters, Rev. Ike introduces you to his Science of Living philosophy and turns you on to a whole new way of thinking!  You have the God-given power to change your thoughts and change your life!  And this book shows you HOW TO DO IT!  You'll find 'Practical How-to' advice on living, visualization exercises and consciousness-raising affirmations that you can put to work right away to change your conditions!  Are you ready to 'wash out' doubt, fear and worry – and IMPLANT self esteem, success and love into your subconscious?  Then fasten your seat belt, open your mind, hold on to your hat – get this book now – and 'get right with yourself'!  And when you are right with yourself, everything in life will be right for you!

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