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Make Your Mind an Irresistible Magnet
to Draw Love, Good Health,
Success and Money!

Learn How to Use Your
Power of Fascination to Attract
What you WANT Instead of
What you DON'T Want!

Dear Friend,

Rev. Ike here, and I want you to ask yourself:

Has Your Power of Fascination
Been Working AGAINST You?

You see, there is incredible power in fascination -- because whatever you are fascinated by -- whatever you concentrate or focus your thoughts on...

... be it good or evil ... will draw into your experience.

Whatever You Are Fascinated by
-- You Become!

Without being aware of it, your fascination with your problems...

... your thoughts, worries, and anxieties about your problems...

...have been attracting those very problems into your life!

My 45-minute audio workshop on MP3, 'Your Power of Fascination', will teach you how to control and direct your thoughts and ideas so you can attract the things you WANT, instead of what you DON'T want. (Special offer: $2.00 Discount - See Discount Code below)

You Will STOP Being Fascinated
by Negative Thoughts and Conditions!

You just heard a brief segment from this powerful 45-minute llong lesson.

Now, get the full-length lesson on MP3 and, as you go through it with me, I will guide you, inspire you, and coach you into a new self-awareness ... will learn how to use your power of fascination in a healthy, positive way...

... you will let go of negative thoughts and become fascinated with the GOOD that you want -- Love, Good Health, Success, Prosperity and Money!

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As you participate in this audio workshop ... you'll learn how to relate to your mind in a scientific manner...

... you'll learn to know and to control what's in your subconscious mind!

And when you learn how to control your mind -- how to master your thinking -- you control your Destiny!

Becoming Fascinated by Your Problem
is a DEADLY Use of Your Power

When you fix your mind on your problem -- you can't see anything else but that problem ...

... and that problem destroys you!

As you go through this audio teaching with me, you'll learn how to break that destructive habit of being fascinated by your problems.

... you'll let go of worry, anxiety and negative thinking ...

... and begin to be fascinated by ideas of vibrant good health and youthfulness that will draw good health to you.

Your Power of Fascination Will
Magnetize You for Love and Prosperity

Your new fascination with love will draw all the right people and right relationships into your life ...

Your fascination with success and prosperity will attract opportunity and money to you like a powerful magnet!

Your New, Positive, Confident Self-Image

Near the end of this mind-changing audio lesson, you'll repeat with me a consciousness-raising affirmation TREATMENT ...

... that will reach all the way down to your subconscious mind ...

... that will lift you out of your old negative self ...

... and create a new positive, confident self-image ...

... a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you!

You'll want to listen to this MP3 again and again, so you can effortlessly absorb these powerful life-changing ideas and affirmations more deeply and permanently into your conscious and subconscious mind.

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Peace, Love, Prosperity

Rev. Ike's signature
January 31, 2009

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