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How to Prosper Regardless...:

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Prosperity is an 'Inside Job'
Your Behind Can't Get It
Until Your Mind Gets It!

Rev. Ike's Mind-boggling Workshop,
How to Prosper Regardless...
is Available on MP3!

Warning: If you don’t like health, happiness, love, success, prosperity and money, don't get this teaching series on MP3, because Rev. Ike really lays it on you in these lessons!

Ask yourself these questions:

"How do I feel about myself -- at gut level? How do I 'see' myself?

Deep in my heart, do I feel that I deserve happiness & prosperity?

Do I have any guilt feelings that I need to be cleansed of?"

In Life, You Get What You
REALLY Feel You Deserve

In this powerful, nearly 2-hour workshop, How to Prosper Regardless of World Conditions, Rev. Ike shows you that the way you think and feel about yourself determines the good that you receive...

...and that the negative beliefs we have about about ourselves (beliefs that we may not even be aware of) can sabotage us and kick our prosperity away!

You Learn How to Engineer Your Thoughts!

These audio lessons are going to help you make some changes in yourself, by which you can become more successful and prosperous and healthy and happy than ever before.

You will no longer be dependent on what goes on in the world, as you come to the realization that you are only dependent upon what goes on in your mind!

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As Rev. Ike leads you through a voyage of mental self-discovery, you'll repeat powerful affirmation treatments with him that will reach deep down into your subconscious...

... and change the way you think and feel about yourself.

You will come to realize -- at 'gut' level --
that you deserve the best, because you
are a beloved child of God!

As you work with Rev. Ike in this life-changing audio workshop, here's what happens:

  • You learn the definition of TRUE Prosperity. (It's not just having lots of money!)
  • You learn to stop working on 'the outer' and work on your inner consciousness
  • You get rid of the subconscious hang-ups you have about prosperity (You may not have even been aware that you had them!)
  • You create a confident, powerful new self-image -- increased self-esteem as you come to the realization and belief that you are God's beloved child and He wants you to prosper!
  • You will be cleansed of feelings of guilt and unworthiness that have been holding you back from your prosperity!
  • You'll stop thinking unemployment and recession. They will no longer exist for you!

Your Personal Economy is Based
on Your Personal Thinking.

The secret of prospering regardless of world conditions is to realize that your personal economics depend upon the way you think and feel about yourself, not upon what goes on 'out there'.

Together with Rev. Ike, you will remove the blocks that have been in the way of your prosperity ... will get rid of your 'Prosperity Rejection Complex' ...

... you will learn to work with yourself and on yourself!

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The Mind Cannot Stand the Weight of Guilt

Guilt brings punishment! You must get rid of it.

It is important in your consciousness that you establish a loving relationship with whatever you call God!

Rev. Ike takes you through some powerful cleansing and mind-conditioning Affirmation Treatments in this two-hour workshop...

... you will repeat after him -- you will affirm with him...

... you will learn to forgive yourself ...

... you will cleanse all those (unconscious) undeserving ideas and feelings out of your mind ...

... and you'll begin to see yourself as healthy, happy, loving & beloved, successful and prosperous -- as God sees you!

Your Questions Answered!

In the closing session, Rev. Ike answers questions that may be in your mind:

"What do I do if I'm not clear on what I want?"

"Why do I get close to getting what I want and then let it go?"

"Why do I feel guilty about getting what I want?

Open Your Mind to Prosperity!

Rev. Ike ends the workshop with one more powerful Affirmation Treatment that opens your mind to love, success, good health, prosperity and money!

Stop Kicking Prosperity Away!

This nearly 2-hour workshop, How to Prosper Regardless of World Conditions, on 2 MP3 files, is yours for only $14.95.

Order this 2 MP3 Prosperity workshop now and get turned on to the intensity of Good Desire!

As Rev. Ike says, "Once you get in tune with the Infinite, you will be blessed with prosperity. It cannot be otherwise!"

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