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Get Your But Out of The Way:

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I am determined to make you Rich...
I am determined to make you eternally Healthy and Youthful...

But first, you have to
get your 'BUT' out of the Way!

Dear Friend,

Every time you open your mouth ... you speak your world into existence!

Every time you say, "I would like to have such-and-such...BUT..." you are putting a BUT in the way of your success and happiness.

And it's your own big BUT!

If for just one moment, you were truly aware of the awesome power of your words...your thoughts...and your beliefs... would blow your mind!

...And, it would change your life forever.

You're Going to Get Turned on to a
Whole New Way of Thinking

That's why I want you to have the audio MP3 of my entire hour-long lesson "Get Your BUT Out of the Way!" (Available with a special $2.00 Discount Code - See Below)

It's even better than having a front-row seat at this powerful workshop because now you can own the audio and listen at your convenience. And listening to this lesson is like having me right there with you...

... coaching you -- encouraging you -- and teaching you how to get over those 'BUTS' and all your other negative thoughts that are standing in the way of your health, happiness and success.

When I get through with you, you'll have a new, positive self-image and SELF-AWARENESS of success, prosperity, good health and happiness.

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You Get a 'Mind Conditioning' Treatment as You Go Through These Audio Sessions with Me:

... You'll immerse yourself in these teachings

... You'll learn how to get over the "No-money" BUT...

... the "No-education" BUT...

... and most important of all, the "What will people think" BUT

You'll Gain the Self-Confidence and Inner Strength to Stop Being Dragged Down by Other People's Opinions!

...You'll repeat with me, powerful affirmations that will reach deep
into your subconscious mind...

... and change your self-image, the way you think about yourself!

... you'll begin to believe in yourself!

... you'll open your mind to healthy ideas about yourself...

... to happy, loving ideas about yourself...

... and to successful, prosperous ideas about yourself!

There'll be No More "Ifs, Ands or Buts"
in your Life...

You'll learn how to stop letting circumstances program your life...

... and learn how to program your own life!

You Gain a New Self-Confidence

Once you receive this hour-long audio workshop on MP3 you'll want to listen again and again...

... because each time you listen you'll hear something new that you can apply to your own life right away...

... and each time you listen and practice, the ideas will take hold more strongly in your subconscious mind...

... and lead you to increased self-esteem...

... and a self-confidence that will inspire others to have confidence in you!

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Normally the price of this 'hour-long' (55 power-filled-minutes) MP3 is $9.95, but you can order now, at a $2.00 discount so your price is only $7.95.

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So order now and discover a powerful new you!

Peace, love, prosperity,

Rev. Ike's signature
January 31, 2009

P. S. If you are thinking, " this audio lesson sounds great, and I'd love to have it...BUT..."

Get that BUT out of your way... and order right now!

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