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"How to Get Out and Stay Out of the
Hell of Poverty, Sickness & Suffering!"

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Discover How to Get Out & Stay Out of HELL –
The Hell of Poverty, Sickness and Suffering!

Clear Your Subconscious of Your Two
Biggest HANG-UPS That May Be Kicking
Money and Happiness Away From You!

Now, two of Rev. Ike's most profound, most powerful life-changing lessons are available together in a 2-MP3 set entitled: How to Get Out and Stay Out of the HELL of Poverty, Sickness and Suffering!

In these dynamic audio lessons, Rev. Ike shows you that whatever you are – rich, poor or otherwise – you’re that because you have been mentally conditioned to be that!

The ideas that are embedded deep in your subconscious mind determine your experience with money and everything else.

As you listen to these MP3s and interact with Rev. Ike you realize that ...

You May be the Victim of an Unconscious
"Money Rejection Complex"

If you are having a problem with money, if you are having a limited experience with money, it is more than likely that somewhere deep down in your subconscious mind is a "money rejection complex" that you need to root out.

Uncover and Clear Out Your
Negative Beliefs About Prosperity

During these dynamic, interactive audio teachings, Rev. Ike first guides you through a self-interrogation to uncover and clear your subconscious mind of these negative beliefs and 'hang-ups' that are causing you to have problems with money:

  • the belief that money is dirty, evil or sinful
  • the belief that money makes you less worthy of God's love
  • the belief that somehow you don't deserve to have money

When you find the truth of God-in-you
something wonderful happens in your life...

Rev. Ike then leads you through powerful mind-conditioning affirmation and visualization treatments ...

... that reach deep down into your subconscious, deep down 'in your gut' ...

... to literally re-program your mind with powerful new beliefs about yourself and new realization of your own Mind Power!

You experience all this and more in Rev. Ike's two MP3 set: How to Get Out and Stay Out of the HELL of Poverty, Sickness and Suffering!

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As you listen to these MP3s, your mind is conditioned for Happiness, Success and Prosperity – you are turned on to the riches of life!

No More Stingy God-In-The-Sky!

So often we’ve been taught about a stingy old Sunday School God, and you may pray, “Oh, Lord, please give me this and I won't ask for anything else. I don’t want to ask for too much.”

In these lessons you come to realize that you no longer have to pray to a stingy God in the sky ...

... Rev. Ike shows you the right way to pray to a loving, generous God who WANTS to give you infinite riches.

Get the FEELING of Prosperity

Here again, ideas and words reach your mind at the subconscious level in terms of feeling. Rev. Ike tells you that whatever you want you must FEEL it deeply in your mind ...

... And he teaches you the technique of FEELING what you want so you can get it.

The Basic Secret of Prosperity

You will repeat with Rev. Ike some of his most powerful and effective Visualization Prayer Treatments ...

... and you will come out of this experience with a "renewed mind" – knowing that, "I am one with God". That is the basis of prosperity. That is the basis of health, happiness. love and success!

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"You Don't Have to Die to Get
to Heaven – or to Be in Hell!" ~ Rev. Ike

Many religious people come to believe that the whole end and purpose of life is to suffer and catch hell on earth while you live – so that you can go to heaven when you die.

In this audio teaching, Rev. Ike shatters this belief, and impresses upon you the true meaning of Heaven and Hell – not as places in the sky and down below – but as places in your mind!

You'll clear your mind – once and for all – of that negative belief in a God who rewards you in Heaven – after you die – for a life of poverty and suffering on earth.

You will come to realize at a deep level, the truth of yourself – that you are a beloved child of a generous God – who wants the best for you right here in this life ...

... and you will come to believe in your own power to create the life you desire – your divine power of God-in-you!

If You Are Already In 'A Hell of a Fix' –
You Will Find The Way Out!

Rev. Ike hammers away at at all your negative ideas so that you can be set free from these various 'hells' that you are going through right here on earth.

And when Rev. Ike gets through with you, you'll stop looking for Heaven anywhere else except within you ...

... You'll stop looking for God anywhere else except within you, because you won’t find God anywhere else. God is not 'by and by.' Heaven is not 'by and by.'

Take this voyage of self-discovery and transformation with Rev. Ike and find the Heaven that is right here and right now! Order this 2-MP3 set, How to Get Out and Stay Out of the HELL of Poverty, Sickness and Suffering for only $14.95!

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