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Effective Visualization - Lesson 7

Your Subconscious Mind
Responds to Feeling!

I have told you that when you visualize, you must use all of your senses.

Here's how you can use your inner visional faculty of touch.
To appeal to the sense of touch when visualizing for a new car, for example, in your imagination you sit in the new car and put your fingers over the steering wheel and feel the notches behind the steering wheel.

Also, smell the new leather on the new vinyl or the new
upholstery. There’s a certain unique thing about the smell of a new car. I’m already into smell as well as touch here.

I’ve had a lot of fun with people who said they want a new car, and I would always tell them put your hand on the steering wheel, feel the notches behind it. Even as I tell you I can feel it. Those of you who drive, can you feel it?

Touch what you want, see it, touch it, and feel it.

The subconscious mind responds to visualization and it responds to feeling. But remember the visional sense (seeing) leads all of the other senses.

Experience the feeling of being
what you want to be.

Use your emotions!

How does it feel to be rich? How does it feel to have plenty of money? How does it feel to have a million dollars? Would you be laughing and feeling joyful?

Then act out those emotions. Put a smile on your face and laugh out loud!

Would you jump up and down? Then start jumping up and down.

Some people take it to the extreme. A lady in Philadelphia told me she wanted a house. So I told her "go and look for the house that you want".

She went back home with her kids, started packing up everything. They said, “Mama, where are you going?” She said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but we’re going out of here. Rev. Ike told me I could be what I want to be, I could do what I want to do, I could have what I want to have, and I see myself in my own house. Go and get those things out of that drawer and pack them up in these boxes here.”

She saw herself in a new place, she felt it, and it happened.

In your visualization also use your
inner sense of taste.

You remember when we visualized a lot around here, I always visualized a vacation in the Caribbean area and those tangy drinks. I guess it’s because the food is so highly flavored, and the drinks are so highly flavored over there.

Bring your sense of taste into play in your visualization. If there's somewhere you want to be, taste the food and drink that are indigenous to that area. You want to be in France? See it, touch it, taste the local cuisine. The idea of taste helps to stimulate your visualization.

When you visualize, employ the sense of hearing,
the inner sense of hearing.

This is very important. In your visualization process, appeal to and employ the sense of hearing.

In your mind, hear people telling you what you want to hear.

Hear your friends saying to you, “Oh, you sure look great. That trip did you a lot of good.”

Whenever you 'hear' anybody’s voice, you immediately tap into them on the subconscious level. You are in immediate subconscious communication.

Never Get Into a 'Mental Argument"

This is why in your mind never have a fuss with somebody. If you see, feel, and hear yourself fussing with somebody -- and people do fuss in their mind --there’s going to be trouble!

Now, I’m going to ask for confessions. How many of you really ever fuss in your mind with people? How many of you have 'imaginary' arguments?

Well, we’re not going to do that any more.

I told you, people visualize all the time without being aware that they are misusing visualization.

In their mind they 'see' themselves fussing, they see themselves fighting, they see themselves quarreling.

You see how vivid people are in their visualization, how they talk back and forth.

This is negative visualization. Don’t do it or there is going to be trouble.

A technique for taking off some weight:

Do you want to take off some weight?

Here's an effective visualization technique using your inner sense of hearing:

Put the words into the mouths of your friends and close
associates, in your imagination, and see them and hear them telling you, “You sure look good since you took off that weight. What size is your waist now?”

And you talk back to them and tell them how small your waist is.

Hear what you WANT to hear
during your visualization.

“That’s a gorgeous mate you got, honey.” Make your friends tell you that (in your mind).

“Where did you get those shoes?” Tell them where you got them.

Use your sense of SMELL as well
in your visualizations.

Smell the roses or the flowers around you. Again, smell the
flowers and vegetation which may be indigenous to the area that you wish to vacation or visit in.

Smell the coffee perking where you want to be. Smell the steaks sizzling out on a ranch in Texas. Smell the bread and the pies and the cakes baking.

Smell whatever is associated with your vision.
Dream your dreams.

Occupy your dreams.

"Lift up now thine eyes and behold the land. Walk up and down in it, and in the length of it and in the breadth of it, and all that your eyes shall see, I will give it unto you.”

Now, what does that mean?

Does that mean that that was something God told Abraham several thousand years ago?

Or is that the Lord God Almighty, the law of mind revealing its secret to you?

That’s the Lord speaking, the law of mind.

I’ll give the meaning to you. That statement is mental.

It means:"What you see is what you get!"

Some people think that it means the Holy Land in Israel, but this scripture is stating a law of mind. “All that your eyes see I will give it unto you.”

This is a statement of the law of mind, meaning all that you can visualize, any dream that you can occupy will come true.

Don't Misuse the Law of Mind

Be careful that you don’t use the law of mind, of which visualization is a part, to manipulate other people. You have to be aware of mental manipulation.

I remember when I was teaching visualization, somebody who worked for me looked at something that was mine and said, “I see myself with that.” I said, “Yes, but I don’t. You see yourself with another one, but this one is mine.

Now, you remember I told you how I watched those people on Fifth Avenue with their Rolls Royces and so on, I didn’t see myself with theirs. I saw myself with mine.

How to Visualize a Mate

What you do is select the quality, the type, the characteristics of the kind of person that you may want a right relationship with.

And if there are people, as you say, that belong to other people that have characteristics that you like, you can just simply say, “I see myself with a person who has characteristics like so and so.”

But never try to manipulate something away from somebody else.Never do that.

Mental manipulation is something that absolutely, positively can be done, and it’s being done all the time, but you will suffer.

A well known minister of mind science, who worked in this area for many years, told about how a lady kept coming to him to get visualization treatments from him so that a certain man would marry her, and she just would not take any kind of advice. “No, Doctor, give me treatments. I want to marry that one.”

They treated, and she married. Very shortly thereafter, the woman came back to his office and said, “Doctor, would you please get me a treatment to get rid of this S.O.B.”

Now, also let me point out, so-called 'witchcraft' is really mental manipulation; it is negative mental manipulation. You have to be careful.

Yes, you can do it; you can absolutely misuse and get on the wrong side of the law of Mind. Watch that. Don’t ever try to take anything from somebody else.

Thou shalt not covet is one of the Ten Commandments.

Because when you covet, you’re saying that somebody has some good that you can’t have. Good is infinite. And I’m sure some of us, and some of you men or women, you can think of some folks that you thought you were in love with, but you’re glad you didn’t hook up with them, aren’t you?

Think in terms of qualities. It’s all right to see qualities in somebody else, another man or woman that you would like to have right relationship with.

If that person is in a relationship with somebody else, don’t try to manipulate that. But see yourself in a right relationship with a person who has all of the qualities that you like. If you like the Clark Gable type, even though he’s gone on, you can materialize that. The quality is not him.

Any dream which I can mentally
occupy will come true.

Whatever condition, whatever situation you wish to create, occupy that in your dream, in your vision.

Lift up now thine eyes and behold the land. The land represents the good you desire. Behold that which you desire to be, to do, and to have. See it in your mind. Walk up and down in it. You are really occupying it. Experience it in your mind.

And all that your eyes can see, the law of mind will give it unto you. If you can see it, you can be it. If you can visualize it, you can have it. This is the law of mind, which is just as certain as the law of gravity.

This is not the End, It's the Beginning!

Now, my friend, this ends your last lesson in this introductory ecourse.

But this is just the beginning of your transformation into a more prosperous, loving, healthy, successful and joyful person!

Because these lessons are just a small sample of the powerful Mind Science techniques that I teach.

And if you have read and studied all seven of these introductory lessons on the the subject of visualization... have already made an important start...

...and if you have begun to apply these lessons to situations in your life...

... you are beginning to realize the amazing, incredible power of your mind when you use the techniques of Visualization.

But Spiritual growth and development involve continual study and practice...

...because your subconscious mind has been programmed with negative, self-defeating beliefs over the course of your life...

...and it takes powerful techniques and much repetition to reach down and cleanse your subconscious of these negative ideas and feelings...

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Love, Peace & Prosperity,

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