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You Make Your Own Luck - The Power of "I Am"

— by Rev. Ike

I want you to have this realization: You make your own luck. You make your own conditions, your own circumstances. You make your own life according to your thoughts, your words, and your beliefs about yourself.

One of my favorite quotations is from James Allen:

"Mind is the master power that molds and makes; and man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought and thinking what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills. He thinks in secret and it comes to pass. Environment is but his looking glass."

Those last two lines set forth what Jesus meant in St. Luke 12:3, where he said, "That which is done in secret shall be proclaimed upon the housetops."

Your Subconscious Mind is
Always Doing a Secret Work

Every man, every mind is always doing a secret work. YOU are always doing a secret work. And most of what you do subconsciously is such a secret that it surprises the conscious mind when it happens.

You better learn to find out what's going on in the factory of your mind and to determine what's going on. Some people say, "Rev. Ike, don't tell me I thought this sickness up on me." Maybe not consciously. It may be from a headache commercial that you saw three years ago. It may be something that you saw on television the year before last that entered the secret level of the mind, the subconscious level of the mind, and it is only now being reflected.

If you don't think positives about yourself, you will get negatives!

You don't always have to do your negative thinking for yourself. The world is just busy thinking negative, and if you don't think positive, you will automatically be sucked in to the negative thinking process.

The Power of NEGATIVE Thinking!

God bless Dr. Peale who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking, but I've got some news for you. Negative thinking has just as much power as positive thinking.

And more dangerous than that, if you do not become a positive thinker, you will absolutely be sucked in to the results of negative thinking. You must learn how to use your own mind consciously.

You Are The One Who
Makes What You Don't Like

Co-workers noticed a man opening his lunch for several consecutive days, and everyday he opened his lunch he would say, "Peanut butter sandwich, yuck." Finally, after about a week of this, one of his co-workers said to him, "Well, if you don't like peanut butter sandwiches, why don't you tell your wife and she'll make you something else?" The man said, "Wife?" He said, "I don't have a wife. I make my own lunch." You get the point? He was the one who was making what he didn't like. And I hope you can read this on the mystic level.

Whatever You Add
to 'I AM' You Become

I Am makes everything. I Am is the only creative power. You see, when I get what I like and when I get what I don't like, I am making both.

I am is the God principle. I am is the way you become such as you are. I am is the way that you can become whatever you want to become -- by means of what you add to I am in your mind.

Let The Weak Say, "I AM STRONG"

That's why, again, we are told, "Let the weak say I am strong." If you call yourself "strong," you'll be strong. If you call yourself "weak," you create weakness for yourself. If you say, "I am poor," you create poverty for yourself. If you say, "I am rich," I am will find a way to create riches for you.

You make your own situations and your own conditions by what you add to I AM, in your thoughts and your words about yourself. Be careful what you say, because what you say is what you get!

That is how you make your own luck!

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter
better known as Rev. Ike
April 2008

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