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How to Change People by Using Visualization!

- by Rev. Ike

When you learn how to work from the subconscious area of mind, you can work with people and you can work with them without them knowing it.

This is why a lot of times it’s even better sometimes to pray for people without even telling them, because when you’re trying to get your husband or your children to change or someone else to change, when you tell them that, the conscious mind picks it up and resists it and rejects it.

Their Conscious Mind
May Reject Change

You may have been praying, “Lord, save my husband.” “Change this person or that person.” “Change my children.” And you tell your children, “I’m praying for you to change.” That’s wrong. Why? What gets them first? Their conscious mind gets them and they don’t want to be changed.

But if someone has an undesirable habit or behavior and you want that to change, say nothing to the conscious mind.

Use Your Power of Visualization to
See People as You Wish Them to Be

You communicate with the subconscious minds of people by seeing them spiritually within your own mind and by letting them speak to you within your own mind.

Hear the person speaking to you within your own mind telling you the good news that you want to hear about them.

See them in the good condition, the good state that you desire to see them in, and that will communicate directly to the subconscious.

If your thoughts are rejected by the person, the good that you have seen for them will be reflected in you, so you’ll get your answer anyway.

And this is how you change people, by changing how you think about them and how you see them in your own mind.

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter
better known as Rev. Ike
August 2008

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