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Forgiveness Affirmation -
Forgive Yourself
and God Will
Forgive You!

- by Rev. Ike

I cannot tell you how many psychological and psychosomatic disorders stem from people not forgiving themselves. When people live with a load of guilt it leads to disastrous results.

Guilt happens to the rich and the so-called poor, to people of all races regardless of your bank account.

God Holds Nothing Against You!

Please listen to me with your heart, your mind, and your feelings. God, the maker of heaven, of earth, and of all there is, has nothing against you. However, you have to be sure which God you are serving.

Some people are serving that old, angry God taught by Jonathan Edwards. Edwards was the old hellfire and damnation Colonial preacher who used to preach that famous sermon, "Sinners in the hands of an angry God."

Edwards used to preach hellfire and brimstone until the people would run down the aisles screaming — actually feeling the flames of hell licking up over them. And they would get saved by the thousands as long as they felt that hellfire. But as soon as that hellfire wore off, their salvation wore off.

Some religious people are not saved; they are just scared of hell. Well, I am not serving that kind of God!

Now say this affirmation aloud, with feeling, and believe it:

I forgive myself because I believe
God has nothing against me.

Learn to forgive yourself for everything — no matter what it is. Hold nothing against yourself, not even your sins and mistakes. If you made a mistake, don't try to cover it up, but don't wallow in it. Acknowledge the mistake, learn from the experience, and make a better plan to handle the situation the next time it arises. You simply missed the mark.

The meaning of "sin":

Here is the true meaning of the word,"sin." It is translated in the New Testament from the original Greek word, "Hamartia," which means to miss the mark. To sin is to miss the mark, to miss the good that God has for you. To miss the success that God intends for you. To miss the prosperity that God has for you. To miss the goodness of God. That's sin.

Forgive yourself and God forgives you!

Do not carry guilt, let it go. Turn from your sin. Repent as the Bible says.

Repent means to think again.

Instead of thinking poverty, start thinking prosperity. Instead of thinking sickness, think health. Instead of thinking depressing guilty thoughts — think forgiveness.

Think again — think happiness, think love, think joy. Forgive yourself and God forgives you!

Self-forgiveness Affirmations

Use the power of your spoken word to say these affirmations for yourself at least twice every day throughout this month. Speak them with feeling, and they will reach deep down into your subconscious mind:

I am good to myself.

I cannot expect other people to be better to me than I am to myself.

I believe in myself. I believe in the God-in-me.

I respect myself. I have faith in myself.

I feel good about myself.

I deserve the best. I deserve God's best because God is my Father.

I forgive myself. I wipe my own slate clean. I wipe my slate clean of every mistake, of every stupid action, of every sin.

I do not wallow in my mistakes. I am not fascinated with sin — mine or anybody else's. I let it be so.

I am free to prosper, to enjoy myself, my family and my friends.

I love and am loved.

Thank you, God-in-me.

Now go forth knowing and believing that as you forgive yourself and see yourself with the good that you desire, it must present itself in your life experience.

Remember, your good comes to you according to your Faith through planning and by taking the corresponding actions. I believe in you and God believes in you.

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter
better known as Rev. Ike
January 2008

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