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4 Steps to Making Reality Out of Possibility
(Law of Attraction)

- by Rev. Ike

One of the most exciting passages in the Bible, to me, is the one that says “With God all things are possible”.

The possibilities of good are unlimited, but you have to make REALITY out of possibility and you can do that by following these four steps:

Step #1: Open your mind to the possibility of the good that you desire.

The first thing you must do is accept that you can have all the good you desire.

As long as you do not believe it is possible, you will continue to be out of luck. The moment you begin to feel like a loser, you lose.

Know that you really cannot be a loser unless somewhere down in your psyche, you have a losing feeling that serves as a hole through which all of your good slips right out.

Step #2: Condition Your
Subconscious Mind:

The Infinite can only give you what you have conditioned your individual consciousness to receive. If you believe you are only worth five-hundred dollars there is no point in asking for one million dollars.

And realize that what you believe resides in your subconscious so it does not matter what you think consciously.

You can only be what you condition your subconscious mind to be. You can only do what you condition your subconscious mind to do. You can only have what you condition your subconscious mind to have.

You must condition your subconscious mind to receive.

Step #3: Be Definite With The Infinite

In Mark 10:47-52 Jesus met a blind man who was crying out by the roadside, "Jesus, thou son of David have mercy on me." Jesus yells out, "Tell me what is it that you want me to do for you?"

Now perhaps there were some intellectuals standing around, who said, "Oh, listen to that crazy Jesus. The man is blind; he ought to know a blind man wants to be healed and to have his sight."

But you see, you must be definite with the infinite.

What did Jesus ask the blind man? In this case, Jesus represents the Infinite power, the Infinite possibility. What is it that you want me to do for you? What do you want?

Do you want a house? What kind of house do you want?

Do you really want any kind of house? That is why you do not have a house. The Infinite does not know what any house is.

The Infinite must become definite and you must be definite with the Infinite.

Step #4: After you decide what you want, see YOURSELF with it.

Immediately begin to visualize exactly what it is that you desire, see it, already established, perfect and complete, with the eye of the mind.

In your mind, begin to enjoy that good that you want to be, to do and to have.

And be sure to put YOURSELF in the picture!

For example, if you want a new car, begin to see yourself sitting in it, feel yourself driving it, and be sure you identify with it.

When you visualize, you nail yourself right down to what it is that you want. See yourself in that car, see yourself in that house, and see yourself being, doing and having the good that you desire.

Mind-Conditioning Affirmations

Now, use the Power of your spoken word to say these Affirmations for yourself at least twice every day throughout this month, to condition your mind for the good you desire:

It is possible for me to have what I want; therefore, I accept the possibility of the good that I desire.

I quickly substitute every negative thought and action with the good desire I expect.

I solve people's problems; therefore, they pay me well.

I am successful because I made up my mind to be successful.

I am prosperous because I made up my mind to be prosperous.

I make decisions easily because I know what I want and I see myself with it NOW.

I believe in God and God believes in me.

Every day I am a blessing to myself and to others.

So it is. It cannot be otherwise. Thank you God-In-Me.

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter
better known as Rev. Ike
October 2008

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