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What is Science of Living?

Yes - You CAN 'Engineer' your
thoughts and feelings!

I define Science of Living  as "the science of thought engineering".

And that's just how scientific and technical you've got to be in your thinking process...

...You've got to really engineer your thoughts...control your thoughts...

...Because, if You Don't Control Your Thoughts...Your Thoughts Will Control You!

Science of Living is a way of thinking that gives you the opportunity to learn the Truth about yourself — the Truth of who you are in God, and who God is in you.

You might even say it is the "Science of Happiness"!

Science of Living teaches about the Presence and Power of God within you and within each man -- and shows you how to use that Power!

Bible-based but Not Church doctrine!

These teachings and lessons are NOT church doctrine, religious dogma, or theology.

In the Science of Living, God is NOT “somebody else, somewhere else, sometime else;”

... but God is the Presence of Infinite Good within YOU HERE and NOW...

...and this Presence is within everyone — Including YOU!

This means that if you are experiencing limitation and you want to experience abundance...

... you must CHANGE YOUR MIND (your beliefs) about yourself.

The Bible says: “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your

Use the Power of God-in-you

You must reject the idea that limitation and lack and sickness are facts of life. You must come to know that you CAN have the good that you want, through the Presence and Power of God-in-you.

Through this Presence of God-in-you, you already have the power to change your conditions and to better your life.

Your life will change and you will experience the good you desire — not tomorrow, not next year, not “someday.” but right here and right now!

Science of Living uses the scientific mind-engineering techniques of self-awareness, visualization, affirmation, positive thinking, and repetition to change your thoughts and your condition!

With Rev. Ike as your teacher, guide and coach, you will learn to use your God-given mind power to achieve all the good you desire!

You will see that you don’t have to wait for somebody else, something else, or sometime else to overcome your conditions!

Learn to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions!

By applying these principles and techniques, you learn how to control and use your mind to become a more dynamic and loving person.

You will UNLEARN sickness and know health...

...UNLEARN money troubles and worry, and know success and prosperity.

Science of Living will teach you how to break every limitation and solve every problem YOURSELF — so that a NEW YOU begins to live more abundantly.

Through these positive teachings, you will discover the Power that is within you, and learn how to use it to...

...BE what you want to be,

...DO what you want to do, and

...HAVE what you want to have.

By applying the principles of Mind Science, you can begin a new, more creative, more abundant life, right here and right now.

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Love, Peace & Prosperity,

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter,
better known as Rev. Ike
January 31, 2009

Listen as Rev. Ike explains Science of Living

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a mental picture and material reality.

This is an amazing truth about your subconscious mind.  Whatever your subconscious mind believes to be true, it will manifest in material reality!

So make no mistake about it, your mind is going to be used. 

The question you must ask yourself is:  "WHO is going to use my mind?"

Ask yourself, "Am I using my mind in a positive or in a negative way?"   "Is my imagination creating suffering or happiness for me?"

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How to 'Trick' your Subconscious Mind into Getting you Everything you Want in Life — By Using your God-Given Power of Visualization!"

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