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Are you ready to 'wash out' doubt, fear and worry...

.... and IMPLANT self-esteem, success and love into your subconscious?

You've come to the right place!

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... because some of your old self-destructive ideas are going to get turned topsy turvy. 

You're going to get turned on to a whole new way of thinking!

-- You're going to 'get right with yourself"! (And when you are right with yourself, everything in life will be right for you!)

Right HERE, Right NOW start to introduce yourself to the life-changing teachings of Rev. Ike beginning with...

--- FREE Thinkonomics Book (Learn how to change your thoughts and change your life!)

--- Free email e-courses (Discover how to use the Mind-Science techniques of Visualization, Affirmation, Repetition, Self- Awareness, & positive thinking to achieve your desires)

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---and MORE practical and powerful tools for using your mind-power to transform your life -- all right here on this website!

So take a few minutes to browse this site and discover what's here for YOU!

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And that's just the beginning!

Based on the Bible, but...What?...Gasp!!!

Some 'religious' people are going to be shocked by what I have to say next...

...You see, Rev. Ike's teachings are based on the Bible, -- but not the literal translation of the fundamentalists...

... Rev. Ike interprets the Bible SYMBOLICALLY, not literally.  He considers the Bible the greatest book of Mind Science  -- the greatest book of spiritual psychology --  ever written!

When he gets through with you, the
Bible will never be the same...

You will UNDERSTAND it for the
first time in your life!

And you will love God more than ever, but it won't be the God you learned about in Sunday School.

It won't be that  stingy, hard-hearted, hard-of-hearing God-in the-Sky you've been praying to...

...because, you'll learn to stop looking for help from a God OUTSIDE of you. You will know the truth of yourself -- that you are a Child of God and God is WITHIN YOU!

You see, this website is for thinking people of ALL religions and even for those with NO religion!

So look around, listen to the audio on the right of this website -- hear Rev. Ike explain Science of Living -- hear what Mark Victor Hansen has to say about how Rev. Ike's teachings turned his life around!

To learn more about Rev. Ike and his philosophy of Mind Science click here:  About Rev. Ike

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As Rev. Ike says,
"You Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use!"

So begin right now to work with this stuff.  This philosophy of Abundance will automatically draw Good Health, Joy, Love, Success and more Money to you.  It's time for you to begin a new, more abundant life!

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